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    Default Are people still using the "Good Hair" vs "Bad Hair" terminology?

    Just curious. My sister, the perpetual permie started locs this summer. They're adorable. Even my niece, has stopped perming her hair, although she's still opting for long straight weaves most of the time, but I've also seen her in braid extensions which I prefer. Not my choice though right?

    Ok, that said, my sister REFUSES to let go of the good hair/bad hair terminology. Today, she told me, once again, that the way I'm wearing my hair (styled from a braid out) makes me look like I have "good hair."

    Me, "I keep telling you I DO have good hair."

    Sister, chuckling, "Whatever."

    She just doesn't get it.

    I guess since she didn't grow up on Nappturality she probably will NEVER get it.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	braid out bun 1.jpg 
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Name:	braid out bun 5.jpg 
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Name:	braid out bun 6.jpg 
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    Why are these pictures posting sideways?

    Ok, so I'm really feeling this style. I've been wearing it since Monday. It's holding up well. The longer I wear it, the frizzier it gets and the more I love it. The sides are flat twisted and the ends of the twists are pulled back and secured by a small hair clip. The back is pulled back and the ends are secured by a small rubber band and that is tucked under and held in place by a small bobby pin. I'm hoping this is serving as a protective style. I'll take it down and detangle Saturday. Hopefully that bun is not a tangled mess. My fingers are crossed.
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