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    Default Does anyone use Flori Roberts?

    Does anyone use Flori Roberts?... My mom likes Fashion Fair... last time she went to Dillards the makeup artist also mixed her a "DermaBlend" concealer at the same time... does anyone know if "Fashion Fair" makeup was the same makeup as "Vanity Fair" makeup... my mom always liked old jets/Essence Magazines... I think they keep relabeling one woman every where we go... I miss those Beverly Johnson days... I usually don't wear a lot of makeup since I have the other acne... like some times I use Bare Minerlas and Pro-Active... but all these ladies are beautiful... I think someone was missing out on there beauty pageant...
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    Default Re: Does anyone use Flori Roberts?

    How did I miss this?! I used to use Flori Roberts all the time. It's the first makeup I ever used - from memory. Fashion Fair was different from Flori Roberts, we used to have Fashion Fair cosmetic shows every season where I lived. Flori Roberts used to find its way into the Fashion Fair shows somehow so maybe they were linked.

    It was more clothes with Fashion Fair but I know they had some makeup kits, I found some old stuff in my Mom's bathroom cleaning out her old closet way in the back LOL. they just didn't take off here. Vanity Fair - I have no idea. There were so many products called "Vanity" back in the day ---
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