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I made it about 8 weeks with stretched-out styles before my hair started screaming: ENOUGH! Give us WATER!!!

(I was washing my hair every two weeks and not putting much, if any, moisture on it in between. Just kept it plaited with oil at night and if I had someplace to go where I couldn't get away with wearing a hat -- e.g. the office -- I'd take the plaits down and put my hair into an updo.)
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So now I'm back to the wash-stretch-let-dry-and-go (WSLDNG). While doing it last weekend I was listening to this podcast and they mentioned "decolonizing your beauty routine." So I went back to work last Monday with decolonized (moisturized and happy) hair...
Not too long after I posted this, I discovered Black Girl Curls. My hair and routine have done a nearly-complete 180. Crazy.