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    Default Menopause and Weight Gain

    If you haven't seen this information about hormones and fat - and you are struggling with losing weight in your 40s and beyond, you need to watch this video by Lynee Urban. As someone who has always been skinny up until perimenopause came in, this information has been invaluable to me.

    You can't eat how you used to, because the changes in your hormones are interfering with your fat burning processes. So it's time to learn about how to make some changes.

    She has given permission for me to share this video and tell you about the information for her upcoming seminar that will cover this topic and more. You can register online and attend over the internet if you can't appear in person. Definitely worthwhile if you are having trouble with weight at this time of your life.
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    Default Re: Menopause and Weight Gain

    I learned today my FSH and LH levels have officially entered the post menopausal zone.

    Feeling some kind of way, wondering how this all happened.

    I'll ck out the link
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