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Thread: Wake up

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    Default Wake up

    Banner created by Patricia Gaines, Nappturality

    They're killing us.
    They've always killed us.
    Black lives do not matter as much as White lives.

    As far as I'm concerned, through all my pessimism this is a turning point because for the first time a SIGNIFICANT amount of non-Blacks worldwide and within our borders recognize the struggle is real. People are learning and though some prefer not to learn but to wallow in stupidity and with a blind refusal to see beyond their privilege, we are making progress. It is not up to Black people to change the system. We don't control the system. And until those who control the system make a concerted effort to change it, we will return to this point time after time after time as we have for over 400 years.

    Keep the pressure up. Keep the movement going and do not allow yourselves to be distracted, taken off-message or pulled to the side.
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    Default Re: Wake up

    Racism is a problem created by White people to perpetuate and excuse economic oppression. In order for Black people to extricate ourselves from this system, we have to build systems of economic self-sufficiency which circulate our labor and income back to other Black folk intentionally. Capturing White income, with our own wealth generating businesses, would help accelerate our pursuit of comprehensive and wide-spread economic liberation. Yet, desiring their validation economically or socially should be regarded as a vice toward demise.

    For racism to be seriously dealt with by White allies, they will eventually need to use their White privilege to facility Black economic liberation and self-sufficiency. For many decades, including when and why the NAACP was founded, non-economic liberalism has been the first and last step Whites were willing to take with us.

    When black people are disgruntled and hurt by the White people they love and adore so much, they threaten and bluff about doing right by themselves and their own. They try to use those notions as leverage to get treated better by White people. Their bluff has always been and will always be called. They have no leverage to play those games with.

    When white liberals express anger, on our behalf, they are playing a short-term game to pacify themselves or seemingly, productively channeling their own propensity for White rage using us as pawns in their games of White domination.

    To fight systems of racism, patriarchy, oppression, and economic exploitation, long term efforts which are less flashy and more sober should also be entertained.

    I've no problem with people trying to use galvanized masses to cry, shout, and pillage our way to progress. My position isn't that those things won't gain us anything. I applaud current efforts and cannot deny that serious efforts are being made to pacify the masses and find a new normal that enough can agree is enough to go back to a normal that keeps economic justice centuries away.

    If we are going to hold our own accountable, which we surely need to on behalf of our female and queer folk, we need to agree to have enough leverage for our values to matter. We have to be employing ourselves in order to fire those among us who cause otherwise socially viable harm. Not doing the work to have economic justice for ourselves is facilitating the continued oppression of our own people suffering us Black men who are impotent otherwise as we also refuse to build permanent wealth together.

    While we remain the primary physical targets of systemic racism, we get to silence women and queer folk who suffer our own violent, patriarchal system.

    We need to find Black people who aren't angry and who refuse to be. We need to find Black people who are sober and unhurt; those who aren't balanced as such because they don't care, but rather because they see this as a long-term game for people willing to do work that takes more focus than force.

    I absolutely support every tactic Black people feel is necessary to be heard, seen, and felt. Burn stuff down, vote, massacre. I can't argue with results and the results are all that matter when you're trying to end this war.

    Ultimately, I believe our surest bet is to look each other in the eyes and decide to build together on the humble. Hold the wealthy among us accountable for investing in building wealth instead of self-aggrandizing gestures of charity and benevolence. It's less sexy and requires more self-reflection and vulnerability, but I do believe we can make exponential progress if we can find a group of sober and dedicated folk willing to start from scratch.

    The politics of our disposability extend beyond sexual and social interest. Our economic disposability and irrelevance is a choice that we make against each other as we prioritize and idolize any other than our own. Demands don't need to be loud. We can demand justice by creating it for and by ourselves. Asking for it has been tried and I won't look down upon those who try again. I just believe other alternatives should be given a chance again as well.

    I'm trying to find some other economically able Black folk to compete and cooperate with me in asset acquisition and building sprints. So far, I only know wealthy White folk and they've expressed no interest in Black equity. They won't even go into business with me because I can afford to be their equal or superior and that's a no-no.

    I believe we shouldn't say or do anything to discourage all efforts to get to our goals. We're not holding each other back by trying in the manners we've each seen fit. So, I'm incredibly hopeful and proud about what's going on right now. I also believe that there are many among us who know better, can do better, and should be held accountable to get together and do that work.

    I also have money I can use to build businesses with Black folk willing to own businesses and be transparent so we can be agile and rapidly improve our performance. I'm focused on businesses which hold up without other businesses. Things like laundromats, beauty supply stores, gas stations, etc. Not muffin shops, and tee-shirt printing companies. Businesses that are needed and viable no matter what.

    I have other business ideas and I'm open to others, but they have to be able to function without and in spite of white supremacy. I wish I was savvy enough to make it happen just because I have some passion and pennies, but I do need others who are smarter than me in these ways as well or at least willing to build from scratch with me.
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    Default Re: Wake up

    Exhausted, but we are worth the fight. If we were born to struggle, then that is our purpose..struggle I will.
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