About me
53 years old, I'm on a journey... like we all are!

About my hair; I finally found what my hair wants to do: Loc. And I've been everywhere on my hair journey from shaved clean bald to bone strait relaxer... as many have had.

Two years in to my journey I learned by many trials and error.

One I learned that my scalp and hair are two different entities and I can't treat them the same. My hair does NOT like natural oils, I've tried MANY. When I apply natural oil to my scalp, I have a reaction where I get severe dandruff, flakes BURNING and ITCH! I learned that the natural fungus likes oil. ( I even tried Monastat on my scalp....)

I"m just one of those who cannot use the wonderful oils out there. I tried Aloe Vera plant--same result. I had to wash out my entire re-twist because my scalp was ON FIRE. But I do put olive oil on my locs avoiding the scalp all together. And the only thing that doesn't cause a reaction on my scalp is mineral oil.

I apply dandruff shampoo to my scalp only twice a month let it sit then rinse out then follow with a moisturizing shampoo for the hair--avoiding the scalp.

Daily: steam in the shower.

Monthly(just starting my winter routine): I deep condition with hair mayonaise. For locs, the rinsing is tricky: I rinse then fill the basin with water and soak until the water is clear. You'd be amazed at how much residue is still in there after a good rinse.

Twice a year, I put baking soda on my scalp, fill a basin with ACV and water and soak. The tingling is sensational and the it seems to give it a nice re-set.

Since my hair goes in many different directions on different parts of my head, I have to interlock the roots and then later roll my ends. My curl pattern does not want to hold the loc no matter which direction I go in.

This is where I may have made a mistake by squaring my starter locs instead of a more natural circular shape.

I learned just a few weeks ago my flat locs was due to not properly drying so I have a bonnet dryer and IT WORKS!

Any suggestions on my process? Can anyone relate to the oil issue?