These crusty scabs are to take care of without causing any damage to the donor area and the recipient area. The donor site is the area from which the hair follicles are uprooted and the recipient site is the area onto which these follicles are transplanted. Both these sites need to be kept in mind while dealing with scabs.

  • Oil and Water: Oil is known to be the cure for such removals of scabs. Baby oil proves to be of more use that just regular oil as it is more delicate. Put some baby oil in the water to soak your scalp. This lets the scabs to fall off or slough off naturally without any discomfort. Avoid scratching of the scalp to remove these scabs which only causes more harm.

  • Underwater Massage: This is another method to remove the scabs where the donor area is massaged underwater. Make sure you are massaging your scalp gently and again avoid any kind of scratching or peeling. Water just like oil acts as a lubricant in removing the scabs. However, do not stay too long in the water as it may lead to other unwanted issues.

  • Dry Scabs: Sometimes it is better to let nature take its course and let the scabs dry by themselves. When the scabs dry they wither off by themselves without needing your intervention. This is the best possible way to deal with scabs. It only becomes a problem when the scabs turn out to be itchy. However, you have to refrain yourself from picking on these itchy scabs as it causes more harm than good; this leads us to our next point.

  • Do Not Scratch: When dealing with itchy scabs, you may want to scratch those scabs with nice long nails and relief that itch. It many sound enticing to just itch these scabs and get done with them once and for all. But just how you should not itch your allergies, you also should not scratch your scabs. Do not let your nails come in contact with your new hair follicles. We all know how dirty our nails can be and if these germ-filled nails come in contact with the new, budding, fresh hair follicles, it might seriously damage the healing process. For good growth and recovery of your hair after the transplant, do not pick on your itchy scabs with your hands.

  • Doctorís Recommendation: Doctors usually recommend you saline sprays which help in dealing with these scabs. Based on an individualís level of discomfort and itchiness, a doctor may give prescribe you medication to help with your scabs. Follow the instructions of your surgeon and your doctor carefully. At the end of the day, their advice is the one best suitable for your needs. Do not hesitate to communicate your problems with your doctor.

  • Post Surgery Hair Wash: You can wash your hair 72 hours after the surgery as it helps in removing these scabs. A nice gentle hair wash allows the hair follicles to open up and breathe. A shampoo with minimal chemical content is recommended to wash your hair for a few weeks after your surgery. However, it is always better to consult your doctor on when you should was your hair. A general ballpark is 72 hours after the surgery. Do not vigorously shampoo your hair but instead tenderly massage the hair. This should help you to get rid of the scabs on the donor area in the early stages.

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