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Thread: Newbie Intro

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    Red face Newbie Intro

    HI I'm NattyGal short for natural gal... lol don't you hate when you sign up for something and your name is already taken. I've been natural since 2017, but i did re-relax my hair in 2019 only to go back natural a few months later lol! The journey has been tough but very rewarding. I have very thick, coily hair that i love. Ironically it looks just like the emojis .

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    Default Re: Newbie Intro

    Hi @NattyGal love the name!

    A whole lot of people go back to relaxing after their first transition to natural, then regret and go back. I think it must be part of the process. Once you are natural you realize how healthy your hair can become. But patience patience patience! You will find that as you go along, things will get easier and it become second nature! That's what I love the most.
    "The truth is, your natural hair, in all its texture, is the hair that is ideal for YOU.."

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