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    Default I need help saving my hair

    Salutations. My dad has no idea on how to care for my hair, so I need help. My dad's mixed race. One more thing, I'm the only one of my siblings with 4c hair. My siblings have "good hair" according to my dad. My hair is prone to dandruff and it's thinning on the sides. I'm only 18 years old, so this has had an extremely negative impact on my self esteem. After washing my hair I can still find dandruff spots on my hair. Also, my hair is thinning on the sides. My dad isn't helping. My dad literally yelled at me and said it's because I don't have good hair. I've got bald spots on my hair. Can you please help me solve my problems? I'll include pictures down below.

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    Default Re: I need help saving my hair

    Hi @Qumari39

    It sounds like you are using products and techniques that do not work with your hair. I don't see any pictures but I can ask some questions to try and help work out what is happening.
    First, what kind of shampoo and conditioner are you using and how often?
    How are you styling your hair? Are you using heat often (direct heat, like flatirons).
    Have you been wearing tight styles like braid extensions?

    Let me know.

    "The truth is, your natural hair, in all its texture, is the hair that is ideal for YOU.."

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