Hi all! Came here for actionable tips on how to grow and care for long hair.

My story: I was born with fine blonde hair that my mother shaved off twice when I was little. At some point, they became thick enough, and I began to grow them. Mom wanted me to have long hair, so she took care of it. Everything was fine until I was 12 years old. Here began various experiments with the length of the hair, I did bangs. At some point, I bought the cheapest paint and dyed it red. It perfectly lay down on my blond hair, but my mother was not happy that I dye my hair at such an early age with aggressive dyes. And she herself began to paint me with henna. From the age of 13 to 20, I walked with henna-dyed hair. and at first everything was fine. It should be understood that henna is suitable for porous hair - then they become more dense and nourished. In my case, henna clogged under the scale of the hair, dried up there and made my hair very dry. At some point, they began to fall off. I cut my hair back to my natural color and found that my natural hair color had darkened.
For a long time I have been growing my natural color, and I succeed. But I don't like myself at all with a darker natural hair color, and I want to dye my hair. How to care for bleached hair?

Thank you very much!