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    honeychild Guest


    i sold my hair&body products at a community event in march; thinking it would be fun and a good way to justify spending all this money on ingredients

    i kind of thought it would be a one-time thing, but since then the demand has steadily grown among folks who were there, and friends and family, and my husband urged me to add this to our steadily growing stable of hustle activities i finally put together my bodycare products site and wanted to share. oyin hair & body stuff

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    aquababie19 Guest


    wow...i love your site and your products look cool. i'm trying my hand at selling products as well.

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    jazzypom Guest


    that's great - for us by us, huh?

    whenever i'm in the states, i will order then.

    Transatlantic shipping costs are a biatch.


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    lydicarol Guest


    Congratulations!!! I love the site and may actually purchase the honeystick (looks delish). I know that you're in NY let me know the next venue that you're going to be selling your products and I'll try to be there.

    Oh and lol @ Come join Oyin in the fight against ash and the quest for a more moisturized world. ;-)

    I'm considering selling mine (fam keeps pushing me to) but I only have one product- LOL!!! When I get a chance I probably will on the side.

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    blumoonbabe Guest


    I'm working on it *running off to check out oyin*

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    blumoonbabe Guest


    Body Lightning! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    CEE26 Guest


    i sell my hair oil..but i don't have a website

    your website looks good

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    Na Guest


    Great looking web site. I'm putting together my own lil oils and butters to sell. Though I only have 4. But hey its a start.

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    honeychild Guest


    hey thanks for checking it out, yall! and thanks for the positive feedback. you know the fight against ash is the good fight! hee hee.

    it's good to hear so many of us are thinking of doing this. it takes something of a mental leap to start making things for folks other than yourself but just as much as we love using the things we've made, others would love it, too. & you'd be surprised what a good printer and some labels will do to transform your homemade goodies into something gourmet-looking!

    and oh yeah... once i started thinking of those marks on my hips as 'body lightning' my world turned into a different place :wub: ...dh also calls them 'tiger stripes' but i didn't think that'd lend itself quite as well to the name of a bodycare product. :unsure:

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    blackgurll Guest


    Honeychild, liked the site. I am about ready to order all sorts of things (recovering bath and body product junkie here).
    The whipped cream is particularly attractive to me. I noticed that there's beeswax in it though. I was under the (perhaps mistaken) impression that Beeswax was a heavy duty hard fat, one you would use when trying to lock or fix your hair into a set. Please enlighten me. Also, is it (the beeswax) liable to clog pores, or is it fine for daily use?

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