This is a great thread. I, myself, am very leary of mixing oils and butters with waters and liquids though. With that said, this weekend I made my first whipped hair butter sealer/styler and a lighter "every day" cream. Both had the same ingrediants, byt the sealer/styler had more butter while the "everyday" cream had more oils. The sealer/styler also doubles (or triples) as a body lotion.

Whipped Butter recipe

5 oz of shea butter
3 oz of shea Nilotica (East African shea butter)
1 oz of cupuacu butter
1 oz of murumuru butter
1 oz of coconut oil
1 tblspn of Jojoba oil
1 tblspn of grapeseed oil
1 tblspn of argan oil
1 tspn of olive oil
1 tspn of vitamin e oil
1 tspn of castor oil
1 tspn of vegetable glycerin
(add any essential oil that your hair needs)

I made sure that my butters were at room temperature. I personally don't like heating my butters in the slightest for fear of them losing nutrients. I whipped it all with a blender. The murumuru butter and cupuacu are hard butters like cocoa butter, so I periodically stopped whipping and mashed. I honestly whipped and mashed off and on for two hours. I made sure to end the process on a whipping phase to ensure fluffiness of my product. This concoction is about 75% butter and 25% oil.

To make my "everyday" cream, I took 4 oz of coconut oil and stirred it until it melted slightly. I added 2 oz. of my whipped butter, 1 tblsn of olive oil and 1 tspn of all the other oils I listed (not the glycerin or essential oil) and stirred. This is more of an oil base.

I washed my hair today, placed in a leave-in conditioner, and used my whipped butter for a wash and go. I love it.

Full disclosure: This recipe was inspired by Naptural85's recipe.