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    Hair by Nedjetti Guest



    by great demand I'm teaching Natural Haircare Classes every monday ... umpheart:

    Learn how to comb coil twists, braid, double-strand twists, cornrows and/or give loc & style maintenance

    the classes will be held at Anointed Hands Salon in Hillside, NJ

    go to this link for more details...

    thanks and I look forward to seeing those who are interested in learning how to style your own and your children's natural tresses :afro:

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    kinkykhick Guest


    Oh man, Nedjetti,

    I am soo jealous I don&#39;t live in your area. <_<

    I would love to just learn the basics of braiding and have the braids look good enough to wear out in public.

    Even though I can&#39;t make it to a class I just had to say
    Thanks for offering a much needed service :thumbsup:

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    bruinhotty Guest


    If I lived in the area I would definitely consider taking classes.


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