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    thighslikewhat Guest


    I have been using the Africa's Best Organics Hair mayo for the last month and a half. I decided two weeks ago that when my last jar was finished I would try the ORS version that everyone is raving about. Now mind you that my knock off was doing perfectly fine (atually it was doing GREAT) but I figured hey, if the cheap knock off is doing so well, immagine how much better this one might be.

    Well I was WRONG. I felt no difference at all. I'll finish the jar but back to my Africa's best I shall go when this one is done (good thing I got it from a store that sells it to 6.99 instead of the 10-11.99 it costs at other stores)

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    wildchild Guest


    I know the ORS mayo costs $6.99 at Target and I'm going to get mine from there tomorrow. Does the Africa mayo have mineral oil in it?

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    sjdancer Guest


    Originally posted by wildchild@Jun 5 2003, 12:33 PM
    I know the ORS mayo costs $6.99 at Target and I'm going to get mine from there tomorrow. Does the Africa mayo have mineral oil in it?
    Yes it does.
    I used the ORS Mayo first, then one day I didn't have enough money on me, so I ended up getting Africa's Best. Loved the price and the product! I saw no remarkable difference in the two, so the Africa's Best won the showdown :lol:

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    Ebonique Guest


    I used both and didn't find a difference either. And I got about 5 jars of ORS to go through. Bought it for $2.99 each 'cause some store employee screwed up.

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    elleebeme5 Guest


    I prefer ORS cause it's a black owned company. I too stocked up when Target had it for $6.99. I also buy it when I visit my parents cause the tax rate is cheaper in that state.

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    Alken41100 Guest


    I used ORS for the first time last night and I was very disappointed. I spent $9.99 for that crap and it did nothing for my hair. That is what I get from straying from my $.99 VO5. I belive I ended with more tangled hair.

    I am a no pooer

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    Carefree Guest


    I have the ORS and don't really like it. Once I use it up I won't be repurchasing.

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    tracyannette Guest


    I have never tried africas best, but I like ORS. I used ORS when I was relaxed, and it worked better then with heat. Now I have found that when I apply it put on a plastic cap, and apply heat, my hair comes out drier. So Now I use it on wet hair, with a plastic cap, and no heat. I let it sit for at least an hour, and my hair seems stronger because of it. I am not as into it now, so when I finish my jars, I will be on the look out for another good protein conditioner.


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    scribblescrabble Guest


    I tried them both and I don't like either. They made my hair hard and dry as a bone.

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    Melissa19f Guest


    I'm glad I'm not the only one that doesn't care for ORS Hair Mayonaisse. I tried a while back and I didn't care for it. But then I heard so many people raving over it I tried it again just to be sure.

    Well sure enough I don't like it. I don't think it does that much of anything and I end up slapping on some Nexxus Humectress after I use it anyway.


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