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    The heat:
    • disturbs the moisture balance
      coils will deteriorate if the hair strands are not able to absorb and retain moisture.

    • damages the outer layer of a hair shaft
      the swelling and contracting of the hair shaft from high heat causes cracks in the cuticle

    • can reshape the natural pattern of curl form
      if the appliance is too hot, the moisture in the hair can come to boil which also weakens the coils.

    After withstanding heat from appliances kinks may have difficulty returning to their natural form. It can take up to a year before the natural pattern returns and it will not if the bonds are broken permanently by being fried. For all of these reasons Nappturality always advises against the use of direct heat appliances designed to straighten to style your hair.

    Once hair is damaged to the point where the bonds are broken, IT CANNOT BE REPAIRED. This is another "lye" promoted by hair stylists and hair product companies. Hair can only be temporarily patched up; unlike skin, once damaged like this it does not heal back to its original state.

    Many people believe that protein reconstructers do what their name claims, so that any damage can be conditioned away. It can't. What it can do is preserve your hair while it grows, strengthening it on the outside.

    So before you heat up that comb, blowdryer or flatiron think carefully about whether or not you are prepared to accept the fact that you may lose your coils permanently.

    The Nappturality Team
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    "The truth is, your natural hair, in all its texture, is the hair that is ideal for YOU. As long as you are constantly striving to get what someone else has naturally, you will not be able to recognize the beauty in what you already have."


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