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    Bronze Brown Guest


    Hey everyone. Well I've been looking into all the different uses for the Vitamin-e oil that I recently bought. I had started using it for some minor dark spots and as a preservative for the Rosemary spritz , but today I decided to apply three large drops (spread first on my fingertips) across my hairline. My hair was tied back and my hairline dampened with some of my spritz. Once the oil was applied I brushed it back with a boar brush. It's just as effective as my thick petrolatum-based "grease" in getting extra sleekness and mini waves, but without the greasiness and unnatural ingredients. And I get a bit more sheen. So for those of you looking for a natural alternative, you may want to look into this.

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    dembasamba Guest


    Great idea. I love vitamin e oil. I have the pure kind, with no other oils added. It is super thick. Is that what you used?

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    Bronze Brown Guest


    Yup that's exactly the one I used. It's the super thickness that helps really control the hair to promote waves and smoothness.


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