Hi everyone!

I have not been on the site for ages my internet was down etc, its so good to be back but anyways to the topic henna. I brought some brown and revved up brown henna dye from the body shop about a week ago cuz listen guys, in june my braids are coming off im becoming natural! no extentions woohoo! :afro: im sooo excited! so i wanna celebrate by colouring it but i don't wanna colour it by bleaching it a lighter colour to get the achieved look which i preferably want to be a lighter brown or a reddy brown. my hair is a dark brown that when in the sun looks medium brown (if that helps)

I just want some tips on how to go about getting the best out of the henna, and what ya'lls hair looks/ looked like when you coloured it, pics and tips are welcomed.

Thank you, God Bless xxx

man i can't wait :afro: woohoo!