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    Emajination Guest


    Hey ladies, Just thought I would post this question, in case ANYONE knows someone who knows someone who knows someone that are able to get back stage passes for Bow Wow's concert here in California on September 20th.

    I am surprising my daughter with tickets for Bow Wow for doing such a great job in school and I would love for her to meet Bow Wow. I need 3 passes and I'm not sure the route to take to get them.. anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for your replies..


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    TooXquisite Guest


    The only thing I can think of is to listen to the radio. One of the stations is probably involved and offering tickets and a meet and greet with Bow Wow.

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    ThisIsKia Guest


    BPs are usually given to the radio stations and what not so listen to your local stations for a chance to win. Check his official website... they usually have contests for BPs for the fan club members. HTH and Good luck :thumbsup:


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