A while back there was a thread like this one, and my goal at THAT time was simply to have 6 inches (I think) of healthy hair. Well, for the most part, I have achieved that goal. I mean, I'm not totally at six inches, but I'm almost at 5, and my hair is DEFINITELY healthy with zero thin ends. These days, I'm lovin a puff, and I am hoping for the day when once I get my hair up to my signature spot, I WON'T have to worry about shorter hairs in the back and on the sides that don't quite make it, AND I want to have a full puff around, instead of my PUFF being shorter in the back. I think I made a mistake when I chopped it because I wanted to have longer hair on top, thinking that when did twists and braids I'd have a bob look. Well, with uneven shrinkage I can forget that. SO now all I can do is be patient, and enjoy what I have right now.