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Thread: Be Who You Are

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    I had been debating my whole senior year of college whether I should cut my locs or not. Being in the software field my likely work environment would be a corporate one and with that comes the conservatism, anti-culturalism, etc. My family was at my throat telling me I need to go back to how I used to look with the "brush cut" because I would not be able to get a job especially in a professional field with that "mess" on my head. Cutting my hair would of been like cutting off my arm. To me locking my hair was not an issue of stylish preference as they saw but more of a way link my lifestyle to my heritage and beliefs. Soon after graduation it really became evident that a decision needed to be made. 3 interviews and 0 offers later it was really hard for me to think that my hair was not a factor in me not getting a job. It could of been any combination of things but I always thought it was my hair. However, my fourth interview came. It was an "American Idol Audition Line" of applicants. I figured if it came down to me and any other number applicants I would be weeded out immediately because of my hair. Being true to yourself is one thing but being broke is another. I said to myself that if I did not get an offer I would go back to the cesar. Even if I was able to get a job with newly cut hair, I wouldn't even want to be in a work environment where I couldn't be my true self. Two weeks of toiling after my interview I got a call giving me an offer way above my expectations along with a relocation package. I tell you the feeling was cathartic. All the self-doubt and self-image issues came to a hault. The creator had a plan for me and for that plan to come to fruition I had to remain true to what he intended for me to be. If I would of cut my hair earlier I may have received an offer earlier but I wouldn't be where I am now. It's priceless.

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    Mz_Poetick Guest


    I am happy for you brotha!

    My best friend is loc'd and she is a Rastafarian convert and her mother often knocks not only her hair, but her religious beliefs. (We're young by the way, eighteen year old nappies)...

    Anyway, her mom is always knocking her and telling her that she'll never be able to get a good job, be respected by men... :smil3f9cfa4a8d9af: :smil3f9cfa4a8d9af: :smil3f9cfa4a8d9af: ...

    But I always have to let her know -- any job willing to discriminate on your abilities to complete a job based on the way you wear your hair does not even deserve you as they can hardly be taken as a respectable company.

    Of course, they always might as well say they won't give you the job because you're black. :unsure: I'm not so sure I see a difference in the weight of the discrimination.

    People always say we live in a much more sophisticated society that is over all the discrimination, etc..but people are blind. It's sad, but true.

    Sad that you had to keep going through these trials with your job-seeking, but you said it all -- the Creator has a bigger plan for you.



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