I had this crazy dream.....schools on the way in a couple of weeks...and i have choir camp

in my dream i'm stressing over how i should style my hair for camp (the wssu choir is very stylish and fashion oriented..) and i ask my mom how i should do it. she says you need a chemical fire cream (something she has yet to say in reality). and I AGREED!!! :shocker:

well whomever puts the chemical fire cream in my head does a very bad job the inside of my hair is all shiny and long looking like a wig...and the outside is still nappy!! WTF?!?! so i'm walking around with a half puff half relaxed ponytail looking a HOTT mess. deciding when i should cut all my hair off and wondering how i'm gonna break it to the np board. i was preparing myself for an onslaught of very battering posts LOL

and when i woke up this morning i was still thinking how am i gonna post this on the board....then i realized it was a fluke and i still ahd my head full of nappy hair :afro: thank you Jesus!!!