Hi all,
I was thinking of starting up a natural black hair care podcast. For those of you who dont know what podcasting is, i suggest that you google it to learn more about it. it is basically a way to spread audio and video files over the net. i was thinking about starting an audio podcast, like a lil radio show, dedicated to natural hair care. i have come up with a few ideas like giving "nappiversary" shout out to everyone celebrating milestones in their natural hair care journey and distributing recipes for spritzes and product information and reviews. also, websites like this one that can help people along with their hair care like this great one. i also thought it would be cool to spotlight photo albums so people can check out other people's process and having a question that people can respond to via email or via these message boards. its just an idea right now, but i would love if people could email me to help me put this thing together. my email is "aikanru@gmail.com". let me know what you guys think.