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    My friend has thin hair on the top center of her head. It has always been thin there but it seems to me it is getting thinner. Is this always a sign of alopecia?

    What do I tell her in order to offer help? She does relax her hair about every 3 or 4 months. I don't know if she is considering a natural change or not. I do hype it up every chance I get but .... we will see.

    What can I offer her in order to show her that relaxers and man-made chemically laden products don't help her condition?

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    It may be getting thinner due to the relaxers. I think you should get a chemical fire cream box and show her all the ingredients that are in a chemical fire cream and then you two can research that particular ingredient so she can see for herself how harmful it is for her head. But all in all if she's not ready to stop relaxing even though she has a thin area then she wont so you might be spinning your wheels? Has she asked you anything about natural hair? Good Luck. Maybe someone else can give you better advice on how to approach this situation.
    Natural Hair is beautiful no matter the texture!


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