It took me a while to realize this but all naturals are not the same. I was reading a post yesterday and a member referred to "super-naturals" which I can only assume means radical?????? But continuing to think on it.....I have to say that some people are natural....but I don't really think it has anything to do with how they actually think.

I know people who don&#39;t perm their hair but are just as ignorant as the day is long; <_< I guess I just expected more...expected that if you went natural you would be "in the know" or at least aware. *smh* So not the case. I guess what I&#39;m saying is......a fro/curls/locs or braids doesn&#39;t really mean you have shed your shackles at all. We must be a fashion statement.

And for the record....I can&#39;t speak on what God intended but I&#39;m loving my shaved head...but it isn&#39;t for the weak of heart,mind or spirit. :P