I posted this here, because I know A LOT of us are considering locing soon, we'll the USAF is ALL over it and with all the recent hair changes they have now included dred locks...this is an email I received from our MSG Chief on 21 Jun

From: Davis Cynthia E CMSgt
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 10:07 AM
To: Roy-Johnson Glenn C CMSgt
Subject: Locks


I think this may be a "change"... I've never noticed it before. AFI36-2903 15 JUNE 2006, Table 1.5. Personal Grooming Standards specifically states:

"Dreadlocks are not authorized"

Since a lot of time/effort goes into conditioning hair to "lock" I think troops need to be forewarned so their efforts won't be wasted.
Could you please forward this to the AACA ( African American Cultural Association) e-mail grouping? Just trying to get it out to the right audience.


Chief Davis


Superintendent, 319th Mission Support Group

So for those of us who already have locs.....WATCH OUT....you know the counseling sessions will be coming soon and for those of us who considered locing...we'll I guess my dream is going to be put on hold for 13 more years...keep us updated on what your leadership is saying. I will be posting this is the LOC discussion forum also to prewarn those military ladies