Hey folks! At a grocery store near my job (I believe it's part of the Safeway chain of grocery stores) there are some ice cream bars called Soy Dream Lil' Dreamers and they are on sale. They are small ice cream sandwich bars and I have had both the vanilla ice cream and the chocolate ice cream bars. Both are in between the chocolate wafers, just like the ice cream sandwhich you remember. These are non-dairy, and I know what you are thinking.....but THEY ARE REALLY GOOD! The non-dairy just makes the ice cream more refreshing and less heavy. To add to the yummy factor they are made with organic cane sugar so you get your sweet tooth fulfilled without addictive and unnatural corn syrup. They are only 100 calories and 4 to 4.5 grams of fat per bar. I tried them yesterday because I wanted a treat without going off my plan, and they fit the bill. I will be getting more today.

Please feel free to add any other treats that help you stay on your plan.

DISCLAIMER: This isn't a recipe which is why I didn't post it in that area. :blush: