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I picked up this month's Essence magazine and came across the hair section. I was pleasantly surprised they were discussing locs and gave them a temporary thumbs up until I continued reading...

I was quite disappointed to find out they were promoting fake locs. The headings "Great Pretenders" and "Faux Locs" left me feeling like this :smug

They discussed how human hair extentions are sewn into the hair. After a while the human hair extentions then mesh with the new growth. :huh I don't know about you, but I certainly do not want to have any fake hair meshing with my actual hair, seems too eerie to me.

What ever happened to growing your locs from scratch? What ever happened to patience?

I was really growing weary with Essence promoting and glorifying relaxed hair and with this, they will no longer have me as a customer.
that's the best technique I've ever seen...