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    NappyHeadedGirl Guest

    Default 2 dandruff removal questions

    question 1: On the 3:1 water/lemon juice method, how often do I have to use this method?

    question 2: What is the recipe for the brown sugar/conditioner scrub,do I rinse the mixture out and how often do I use this method?

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    jazzypom Guest


    from what i gather, try once every 2 weeks - your scalp may be tender. You may need to look on a vineager rinse as an option,

    recipe - ratio of one tbl sugar to same amt of conditioner. Yes, you rinse it out.

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    Curlicious Guest


    Word of caution is you didn't realize:

    Brown sugar scrub, followed by lemon juice...probably not a good idea.

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    NappyHeadedGirl Guest


    Thanks for replies

    @ Curlicious: I wasn't going to do both methods one after another, I was going to try both of them at diffrent times and see which one I liked best.

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    CEE26 Guest


    i do the lemon juice/conditioner wash about 6-8 weeks..i don't get much build up

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    Normally, I used to do neem tree leaves paste with conditioner wash about 10 to 15 weeks in order to remove my dandruff.


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