Hello all:

I recently read an article in Essence Magazine about hair loss. The list of recommended products included a conditioning hair spray by an all natural company, so I went to the Web site listed in the article to check it out (www.pronature.com).

Anyhow, the company doesn't have many products but they look good. The Revitalize line includes a shampoo, conditioner and the hairspray. I wanted to know if anyone has tried these products before, and if so, if you could tell me your experience with them.

They are a just little pricey, but I like the fact that they treat and prevent hair loss (Prevention for me, treatment for my hubby), and naturally at that. Mostly, I'm just curious. I want to order the trial sizes just to see how my hair and my hubby likes them, but I will wait to see if anyone here at Nappturality can share any feedback.

Thanks in advance!