Hey everybody. Just wanted to say how nice it is to be back. I've been away from the site for a while. I've been a part of the nappturality community for about 4 years. I remember when this site looked totally different. It was such a huge part of my decision to go natural. I even managed to go to a nappy meet and greet in Raleigh, NC in between deployments once.

Ok, a little hair history
When I first did the big chop about 4 years ago, I had about a 3 inch fro. Then it grew to about 10 inches. That lasted for a couple of years and I cut it back down to about 2 inches. It grew again to a BAA. I let it go for about a year that way. Now, I'll be lucky if I have 1/2 inch of hair... But I'm trying to let it grow back out. lol.

I guess I'll stop rambling on and start get my post on again, but I wanted to reintroduce myself. Peace.