hey ladies!

i remember seeing a thread on NP with the picture of a really nice bench/ sofa that was show cased in a DIY magazine (the fabric on the sofa was striped i think and it had open storage small enough for books to stack up- right). do you guys know what im talking about? have you seen this thread around?! it was posted around the time where a NPer said that HGTV wanted to show case her room (nearly all DIY work) in an episode on some show... the article may have even been placed in the same thread!

regardless, maybe you guys can help me out. i want to get a sofa/ sofa bed to place in my small space. ive looked online and the dimensions and the styles of the ones ive seen are not of my liking. so ive decided to make one. i would like a simple bench/ faux sofa whos top is slightly inset so that i can place cushions into it and not worry about them sliding every where. i havent decided if i wanted to upholster it to look more like a sofa or just leave the wood bare

any help?

if someone could dig up that article or thread that it was in, that would be awesome! i cant seem to find it!! or if anyone remembers the name of the DIY magazine and maybe that NPer, that would be great too