Just wanted to share a portion of my 6 month journey. Hopefully Ill get up enough nerve to start taking and posting pics. Anyway... At first I was a little leary about this process, not sure what i was getting myself into. At the 3 month mark I was like "I dont know about this, but Im going to hang tough", because one thing i did notice was my scalp felt alot better. So I tried cornrows right at my 4 month and said ok I can do this. So after that month went by I took the braids out and had a matted mess on my head after I shampooed I was in tears. I was literally cutting knotts out. Knots on top of knots. It was a mess. My hair was so thin. But what I did notice my natural hair was strong. So that kept me going. So now Im at the end of my 5 month going into 6. I have been doing flat twist (cornrow style) and my neighbor braided the front portion of my hair and I wore the rest in a fake pony. Trying to keep it moisturized. I seriously need some shine though. I have this reddish dull flat dk brown hair. I have another post about that . So anyway. I wanted to share my story because It gets so fustrating at times. However, through all the fustration and the loss of hair (relaxed of course). I love the way my natural hair looks, feels And how it feels when I shampoo. I never would have thought Id make it this far. Im looking forward to what the next few months will bring. More curly locs to enjoy and closer to becoming free.