Hello Everyone:

As I mentioned I am new to this forum but I am not new to natural hair. I haven’t deep fried my hair since Dec. 1996


I have soft hair thanks to my heritage. I’m African-American but like 99.9% of our ethnic group I have Native American blood running through my veins thanks to my great-great grandmother who was a full blooded Cherokee Indian and my great grandfather who was a blonde haired blue eyed Jew.

I used to straighten the ish outta my hair with a burning chemical all the time not realizing the damage I was doing just because I wanted to look like the girls on the covers of all the "in" magazines. I remember going to a night club back in my “party on the weekend days” with by BFF and looking at my hair in the mirror and thinking girl your hair looks like wheat. Oh the horror! Yet I still continued to fry my hair every six weeks. I was thinning my hair around the edges not to mention those horrible smelly perms soaking into my head which is right ontop of my brain. What the hell was I thinking?!

I stopped frying my hair a couple of times. The first time was back in the late 80’s early 90’s. I had this spiky look going on but then I started perming my hair again. I stopped again in 1995 when I wasn’t working. Unfortunately, when I got hired at my old job in September 1996, like an idiot I gave in to the pressure to have straight hair and put chemicals in my hair. Wearing rollers was a pain in the a** and maybe that’s one of the reasons that precipitated my decision to cut my hair back in December 1996. I cut my hair down to maybe two inches, the new growth and haven’t had any chemicals in my hair since.

I read how a lot of people went through an adjustment period of worrying about what other people are going to think about their hair and I went through that too until one day I just said f*** it. I’m going to do what I want to do and as long as my hair is neat no one had better say crap to me about it. I’m of the mind that everyone should be able to do his or her own thing as long as their not hurting anyone.

It’s a lot of work sometimes but I LOVE being natural.