I've discovered micro twists and am loving them! Ive been wearing them for a week now, and am thinking I'd like to rock twists till August or so.

My question is, can I wear these for 4 weeks then re-twist them all over again every 4 weeks (without combing etc) until August? Just unravel and re-twist one by one? Cos I was thinking the hair wouldnt loc this way and I could still wear the twists for a long time.

Has anyone done this? Did it work out or was the hair mad knotted and dry?

Is there a way of getting round this? I know washes have to be factored in somewhere somehow - any tip as to how and how often?

Sorry if this sounds dumb but I'm amazed how some people manage to wear braided extensions forever with no washes and their hair is cool and grows just fine.

Thanks chicas!