The Black Identity Extremist - an Invented Threat

If the Kaepernick vs flag fiasco has taught us anything, is that they will turn anything Black people protest into an anti-American, anti-White narrative in order to suit their divisive agendas. All spurred on enthusiastically from the tweeter-in-chief himself who seems to revel in the discontent and anger he encourages in humanity.


The Congressional Black Caucus has sent a letter to the FBI expressing concern over their continued targetting of Black citizens, the latest being the "Black Indentity Extremist" classification. The Brennan Center accurately reports that "...there is no “BIE movement,” but in the fertile mind of those within the Trump administration who want you to believe there is some sinister black force out there bent on attacking police officers." What the heck is a Black Identity Extremist? It's a made up name of a non-existent group of people. Ever since the Black Lives Matter movement became a headline, the racists from up above have been focused on ways to classify and criminilaze everyone associated with it. Because in acutality, in America, Black lives don't really matter.

In actuality, this mythical "black force" is yet another attempt by this racist-run federal government to lable, delegitimize, marginalize and put a stranglehold on any and all Black equality activism. By the FBI's definition in the title alone, my stance for Black rights would probably put me into their "extremist" category and I find that amusing.

If I were an NFL player, I would kneel.

Why is there not an FBI probe into the rise of White nationalism and Nazism, even after a young woman was killed by one of them at their rally in Charlottesville?

Why is there not an FBI target into White homicidal violence such as the massacre in Las Vegas?

Because it is not in their interests to investigate their own. It is in their interests to keep Black and Brown people oppressed, angry and distracted. Their play on blame, racism, hate and fear of "the other" got them the presidency and they are going to continue milking this cow until it's dry.

As the letter to Christopher Wray from the CBC states, "Unfortunately, this Administration has developed a pattern of statements and actions that are hostile to African Americans. The President and his advisors have at times failed to condemn Neo-Nazis and white supremacists. The President encouraged law enforcement personnel to use less restraint in dealing with individuals suspected of crimes. Lastly, the Attorney General has rolled back criminal justice reforms - a move that will disproportionately harm African Americans."

It's a multi-headed anti-Black, anti-poor, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ snake, this government.

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