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Kinky Twist Extension No Braid Method

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I have never liked the look of braids at the base of kinky twist extensions. In fact that is one of the reasons why I have not had kinky twist extensions put in - to me it just looks wrong. I have tried several alternative methods of putting Marley twists in and this is the only method that did not result in the extensions either falling out or getting tangled or knotted at the base.

Marley TwistsI used Nafy Collection synthetic extension hair. It's brilliant and does not damage your hair as a lot of kinky extension hair can. And it looks and feels just like natural hair. I don’t like to use human hair because (let me be honest) 1. It creeps me out and 2. Even if it didn't creep me out, it would be too expensive an exercise. With this hair, you can wash and reuse it if you look after it when you are wearing the style, my method ensures that the hair does not tangle. There is no crossing over of hair to wrap around like in braiding the base and the hair is removed easily and undamaged when it is time to take them out.

Here is my method in steps, twisting right over left:
1. Section your hair, and divide the section into two equal pieces.
2. Fold over a length of the extension hair so that the ends are even.
3. Twist the middle of the extension hair twice to make a coil.
4. Place the coiled center of the extension hair over the parted section of your hair.
5. Hold in place with your left index finger.
6. Grab your hair and the extension hair and coil together to the RIGHT until tight.
7. Do the same with the other side, but ensure you also coil to the RIGHT. If you do not coil the divided sections in the same direction, your extension will not be secure at the base.
8. Once both sides are coiled, begin to twist right over left. While twisting, coil the rightmost section to the RIGHT once (away from the direction of the twist). You can either do this by twisting your wrist or by rolling the hair between your thumb and index finger.
9. With the first two twisting motions, twist tightly, one twist on top of the other, at the base of the two strand twist.
10. Twist to the length desired, keeping the tension even.
11. When you get to the end, you can either cut the hair, curl the ends using the boiling water method or let it remain loose. I don’t recommend burning the ends when you do kinky twist extensions. In my opinion, it’s fine for braids, but looks unnatural on kinky (Marley) twists.

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  • Dee thanks for this post. I actually have known about this technique for years. A friend of mine who specializes in doing natural hair showed me how to do this. However, I tried experimenting on my own hair a couple of times but got scared to do my own hair because of the texture of the kinky twist hair just was so hard and rough that I thought it might damage my hair. Now that my own hair is so long, I'm not particularly interested in having kinky twists in but I am curious to know how the health of your own hair will hold up after you've had them in for awhile. Please post again after you take them down and give an ***essment on whether or not you see any breakage. I surely hope not but sometimes you can't tell until you actually take your hair down. It's beautiful by the way and good luck!

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  • Oh and too funny, this posts me under my old username, NappymeHappyme.

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  • Yeah! It does that - don't ask me how, there is all kinds of complicated cross-useriding in this new software! LOL

    I had absolutely NO hair damage or loss at all. I can't recommend Nafy hair highly enough. Some of that other kinky hair is so harsh it cuts through your hair. Gotta be SO careful! And this method doesn't pull at the base like braiding does Your hair is really protected within the coil. It's fab.

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  • Love this post. Thanks for sharing this article. Good job! Keep it up! :)

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  • Love this post. Thank you for sharing this article. Good job! Keep it up!:)

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  • Gwinnett County, GA, USA

    Wow!! I want to try this! Lol...I think doing the back will be quite a challenge though!! I always treat my braid extension hair before I use it. I fill the sink with hot water and pour a cup of ACV or regular vinegar in, then I lay the hair in the water for about 20 minutes. The vinegar removes the chemicals from the processing of the will probably see some little foam in the water. I then rinse the hair, let it dry, then spray braid spray on it. Makes it feel nice and natural feeling!!

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  • Gwinnett County, GA, USA

    I know it's a process, but it sure makes that Marley Kinky braid hair soft, since I can't find the one you used.

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  • That's a great idea. I have rinsed the hair first but not with ACV. I put a little lavender EO in the water. The hair I used was soooo soft to begin with though.

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  • Guest (Alex Dube)

    Durban, South Africa

    Check this for creating twists naturally

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