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Winterize Your Hair

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Winter. No more damp hair, lots of hats, dry heating, snow... get your hair ready to cope with all of this and more.

Cold Weather Hair Tips

So you have been enjoying your daily hair spritzes and refreshing herbal rinses over the long hot summer, but now that winter is approaching, it is time to review and be ready to change your hair care routine and products.

Winter brings lots of challenges with it. Not only the challenge of dealing with cold, wet and dry weather but the hats, scarves we wear and temperature fluctuations from freezing outside to hot inside can all have an effect on the condition of your hair and your health.

The most important tip I can share with you is to NEVER go outside in below freezing temperatures with exposed wet hair or a wet scalp. Doing this is not only dangerous to your health (you lose most of your body heat through your head), exposing you to the possibility of sickness but can also cause terrible dryness and lack of elasticity in your hair, leading to breakage. If you can't resist and want to go out and get your hair snowy, when you come inside, be sure to dry your hair thoroughly and immediatly run damage control by rubbing a light pomade through your hair.

Don't open yourself up to the possibility of fungus or even mold forming at the base of your hair. This can happen if you style it while wet in a tight style where the air cannot get to your scalp and leave it that way for an extended period, allowing your scalp and hair close to the scalp to remain damp. You will know if mould is happening because there is no mistaking the smell.

Nappturality’s Tips and Tricks for Winter Natural Styling

Use a blow dryer on the warm or cool setting with a diffuser to gently dry your hair at the scalp. Once it is just damp (not completely dry) add a rich moisturizing leave-in condish and style. Never use the hot setting as it will dry your hair out and cause breakage. All you want to do is accellerate the air drying process, not heat your hair up. Use the back of your hand as a guide. If you turn the blowdrier onto the back of your hand and turn it on, test the heat. If it burns the back of your hand, the setting is too hot or you re holding it too close.

Do not wear abrasive hats or scarves against your hair. Choose hats with satin linings or wear a satin scarf between your hair and the hat. Cotton or rough materials materials like raw silk will rub and cause breakage. The goal is to keep some humidity in, and satin is great for that.

Use deeply moisturizing rinse-out conditioners and richer leave-in conditioners and heavy pomades to help retain moisture especially if you are wearing loose styles for extended periods.


Your ends often suffer due to sharp changes in temperature and heat, such as when going from a hot and dry indoors to a wet and cold outside. This can cause split ends. Wear a head cover all the time when outside and keep your ends tucked under as long as possible.

Stay away from gels containing alcohol, especially in winter. Winter temps can magnify the dryness caused by alcohol-based gels.

If you wear styles that expose sections of your scalp to the air, Use a rich scalp moisturizer on the partings. It doesn’t matter what type of moisturizer you use, shea butter, oil or a combination. Preferably use a cream that does not contain a lot of water and works for you.

Light humidity is good! A satin scarf tied lightly over your hair when you’re relaxing at home will help keep the warmth and balance in your hair and scalp without letting your head get cold whilst allowing air to circulate.

As always, sleep with a satin scarf or at least on a satin pillowcase. In winter it is better to sleep in the scarf, to keep the warmth and humidity in.

Wash your hair in the daylight hours and ensure it is completely dry before going to bed.


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