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Top 10 Twistout Tips!

Twist outs are one of the most popular styles for natural hair. Twists outs are done when you use two sections to make twists like a rope with your hair. It's a staple natual hair style.

When the hair has set, the ropes are untwisted and the hair holds a wavy, coily pattern. Two strand twists can be done on just about any hair length or texture for spectacular results that can last for a week or longer. Here are my top tips for a long lasting and shiny twistout.

Twisted Sisters - Our Best Tips

1. Twist your hair when it’s dripping wet.

When your hair is wet, is able to snap up and lock in your twist, whether it is a fat twist or a thin twist. Tightness and shrinkage of your coils is what makes twists last so love your shrinkage. If your hair starts to dry, have a bowl of water handy to re-wet as you go along.

2. Use a creamy, conditioning leave-in before using a gel.

This will ensure your hair stays soft and conditioned after it dries.

3. Do not use any product containing glycerine.

Glycerine will attract moisture to itself and make your twists fluff out and lose their shape faster.

4. Use a strong holding gel without alcohol.

Use a natural gel with a firm hold. I use aloe gel but flax is also a good one. Make sure it does not contain ANY alcohol because that will dry your hair out and make it poofy and frizzy very quickly.

5. Use a shea butter based product on your ends.
Every day, put a little whipped (light) shea butter on your ends to keep them from frizzing out and ruining the shape of the twistout.

6. Retwist your hair every night.

You can use a light spritz containing oil and water to twist your hair at night. Even using a light gel on your dry twists will help hold it the next day. The water will help to re-set your hair each night.

7. Retwist your hair using the same partings.

Try your best to twist the same portions of hair together every time. Your hair will have formed a pattern and with a light feel, you will find where the two sections of one twist will “find each other”. Try not to retwist your hair in a way that does not sit with the previous twist pattern.

8. Tie your twists up or sleep in a satin cap/scarf (or on a satin pillowcase) every night.

Any friction will frizz your twists, so sleeping in satin will keep your twists smooth and shiny the next day.

9. Oil your scalp every day.

Oil helps keep the scalp balanced and will also reduce the effect of sweating on the base of your twistout.

10. Keep your hands OUT OF YOUR HAIR. I know this is difficult, but the more you fiddle with it during the day, the faster it will lose its shape.


pulledbacktwistsTry experimenting with different styles during your twist out. As it starts to get to the end of its life, try pulling it (or up) into a bun and retwisting after it is pulled back. Here is an example of my twist out when I pulled it up in the front with a scarf and retwisted it. You can alsw twist parts of the front and pile the rest on top and secure with pins or combs.

Retwisting or flat twisting the front while leaving the back out is another way to extend the style even longer.

Above all, don’t have unrealistic expectations of your twistout. Understand that in a humid environment, a twist out will not last as long as it may in a drier environment. No amount of gel in the world will hold our natural hair in place when humidity is at 90%.

When it is time to wash your hair again, use some oil and do a gentle pre-detangling first.

Have fun and enjoy your hair!


Last modified on Thursday, 07 December 2017 07:04
Patricia Gaines

Patricia Gaines aka Deecoily is the founder and creator of Nappturality in 2002, the beginning of the natural hair movement. Since 2000 she has been blogging on all things natural hair, Black culture and politics.

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