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After a long time - I have entered Nappturality into the realm of a "social" site. Things change, I know. And resistance to change is useless, so I've done what I always do. Adapt and Create.


As with everything I do, I built this myself, using a skeleton software package which I modified, coded and customized to fit in with what I wanted to do with our community. I wanted a safe place, a fast place, a fun place that is as unique to us as our hair.

I am in the category of a "mature age" woman, as many of my OGs and PANKs now are. We have been here for over a decade. Many of us are now mothers, grandmothers, aunties --- and when we started we were students, living at home or even teenagers. The babies we had when NP was young are now in their ... are now 16. OMG.

We may be going through the "change" our mothers didn't warn us about. Our eyesight is not what it used to be. Gray hairs? And all the experience that goes with it. But you look around and the internet still belongs to the 20 somethings. But we are still here, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and over - welcoming the younger ones into the fold.

We're not gonna focus on age. We are going to focus on important areas of our lives, all ages and the challenges that go along with getting older, maturing, keeping our hair, skin and bodies healthy and strong. We can talk about those difficult subjects in a safe place of caring and nurturing. Share experiences, wins and losses and have some fun as a community of trailblazing Black women who support and encourage each other. Especially when no one else will.

This is the first step, I will add as the need arises.

I am putting myself out there once again, to build something we can run to.

Have fun exploring and let me know of any bugs.

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