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Organic/natural hair dye

Hi thereCan anyone recommend any hair dye with natural ingredients? I'm wanting to color my hair in a burgundy color. Most of the ladies on YouTube use L'Oréal hair dye but it has a lot of chemicals.Thanks in advance for the replies :)View on the ForumOriginal author: Lexi240
Hello, I am starting my love journey soon and just need help and questions I have 😂View on the ForumOriginal author: sugaplums
Hey all my beautiful naturals!im really big on jam packing my hair with nutrients so it has no choice but to grow. While doing my weekly googling for oils and herbs to infuse in the oils. I found this product that has an INSANE (almost unbelievable) amount of ingredients that live on my “saw on natural YouTube, maybe i should buy” list.like chebepu
I recently discovered the best and fastest way (that I know of) to manage type 4 hair, especially 4c hair like mine.This routine is easy, simple and good for length retention.I should have known it sooner but unfortunately, I didn't and many people don't do this.No products needed-except for shampoo and oil.No brushes needed or combs.(:-)I've poste
Hey Napptural beauties! Am curious if there's anyone here on NP with stretched ears or is stretching their ears? I am stretching mine. Both my grandparents had stretched ears and I want to have the same. Anyone and everyone is welcome to post their thoughts....:DView on the ForumOriginal author: uzuri
I have a question . Someone gave me some black seed oil. I know it has health benefits when taken but I was wondering also can I use it as an hair oil like leave in. Is that possible ?View on the ForumOriginal author: Meerah95
Hi, all. I hope everyone is safe and sound as things are crazy right now between this pandemic and everything else going on.I found a new thing on Instagram (IG). IG is now a new place for companies to advertise their various beauty products. I saw an add for some hair butter made with chebe powder. According to that add and other stuff that I look
Best leave-in conditioner for natural dry curly & 4c hair is loaded with keratin protein, exotic essential oils, vitamins will make hairs weightless & smooth" sulfate free shampoo & conditioner for curly hair, deep conditioner for transitioning hair, curly girl method conditioner, best leave in conditioner for natural curly hair, conditioner for wa
I got some thin parts at the end of my locs. Most of my ends are not that thin but some are. Not sure if I'm supposed to cut them or??? Vid included. Can I get some some advice queens.https://imgur.com/a/9c4eUi5View on the ForumOriginal author: Marselek Brown
Hi Everyone I just wanted to say I am new to the group and I came about it from a search I was doing for natural hair care. I am not really sure what hair type I am I will try to post a picture soon or in the near future.( a bit camera shy ) lol I really hope to learn alot from here and to grow my hair long and healthy . So excited and glad I found
Hi - I'm new to the forum. I've been natural since I grew out my perm in 2009. Most people still think I have a perm because I flat iron my hair, which I believe is between a 3c/4a. I only flat iron my hair once every two weeks and I am seeking new ways to get my hair healthier. I've been using aloe vera and castor oil for the last few months. I di

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