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25 May 2020
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I don’t want to write too much and have people lost in content so I’ll just...
24 May 2020
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Any head wrap/bonnet lovers out there? I recently came across this black bu...
24 May 2020
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Any head wrap/bonnet lovers out there? I recently came across this black bu...
23 May 2020
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hello!! im 13 and have thick hair up to about my shoulders on the front of ...

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2019 New York Fashion Week Natural Hair

New York Fashion Week 2019 Street Flair

We LOVE New York Fashion week! It's a jewel in the crown of fashion. Not only do we get a look at what's new and trending, but how we can update our look to evolve with the times. More and more models of color are gracing our runways and more and more of them are working with their natural hair. Let's face it, when it comes to modelling, it is easier and more convenient to keep our hair natural than to relax it. Relaxing weakens the hair and takes away versatility . Now it seems people are taking notice!

Some good news for us fuller figured women too: Nearly a Third of NYFW Designers Have Increased Their Size Range Since Last Season and it's about time. But that's another blog.

Look at our young women in all their natural glory. The more natural hair we see, the better!

NYFW 2019

Natural Hairstylists Doing Their Thing

​A lot of work by a lot of talented natural hair stylists goes into making these models look fab on the catwalks for the top fashion designers of the world. Here's a peek at a few stylists in action behind the scenes.

Embed from Getty Images

Natural Styles Hitting the Catwalk

Embed from Getty Images

And that knockout cover photo was from a fantastic Phil Oh shoot you can see in full here: Phil O's Best Street Style

Hard water buildup after holiday
Afrogeek is back...

Nappturality Shoe 300 faded

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