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30 March 2020
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30 March 2020
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25 March 2020
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24 March 2020
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Random Lock Thoughts 2019 style...

Random Lock Thoughts 2019 style...
An associate asked me multiple questions about my locks:
-How do I maintain?
-Is that all my hair?
-How do I do each one (tighten?)
-bla bla

Then went on to state that she perms because she likes versatility. She likes variety of hair styles to compliment her weekend love of canoeing/paddling )8-|on the water. Then she says she's just too lazy to do anything with it. I was confused.

If you have had locks for any significant amount of time-well you get it.....

-Versatile, check
-Lazy style, absolutely check
-Switch-upable-All day long

I chose to stay in my lane, smile and mention that it's all about perspective. It's been a while since I've had these type of conversations, so it tickled me.
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